Friday, August 5, 2011

Its about TIME

I feel like I really did fall off the face of the earth!! So many many things have happened the last few months it has been CRAZY! So I will try to keep it short!! We started our summer off by going to visit some friends in San Diego, which is always a favorite for me! The weather was GORGEOUS, and we had such a fun time!! I havent laughed so hard in a really LONG time!! We were able to go to Sea World which was also a blast and the kids LOVED it! Then when we came home it was time for my birthday! Not just any birthday, my 30th!! Yes old haha but it was so fun! Willey and my friend Jessie put together a birthday dinner for me and it was just what I needed to start my 30's! Then off to a family reunion up in Pinetop at my Brothers and the fun could only last so long! After a few fun days with family I hurt my back, how? Stretching haha I bent forward to stretch it out and it locked up on me and I got stuck that way! So there began my long month to recovery. I couldn't move without lots of pain so to bed I went and thankfully I have amazing friends and family who helped me by taking the boys and bringing in dinner and keeping my house clean while I layed in bed trying to recover. During those few weeks I had a trip to the OB to calm down contractions and where I found I was severely dehydrated, but was able to get amazing sleep haha, then I had a reaction to the potassium they put in my IV so I had a nice swollen vein which ultimately resulted in another trip to the ER, and during all this time we found out that our home loan modification, which was supposed to be days away from being final, was declined and so we made a really hard decision to move. I LOVE our house but its just a house, what I was really sad about was leaving all of my amazing friends and neighbors so with lots of prayers and LOTS of tears on my part haha we actually were able to find a house to rent still in our neighborhood and we can get in before the baby comes!!So I have now been busy packing and getting ready to start a whole new chapter of our lives and we are excited! I am just so thankful for the gospel and for the temple we have here, its amazing how life can look so different after being in the house of the Lord. It has been seriously the craziest couple of months but I know everything happens for a reason and as long as I stay positive and keep my head up everything will be alright!!

Zack and Brooklyn in SD

My Amazing friend Jessie made this cake for me! She knows me so well!

Ok, had to throw this in, me at 33 weeks HUGE haha

We got to see the NEW Shamu show that opened the day we were at Sea World!


Andy and Michele said...

You look amazing! what some fun times you've had - but wow, you're moving? Can I take your boys for a day so you can get stuff done? Really - please call me! My kids would love it.

Bec said...

What a crazy month! I'm so sorry for the crappy stuff, but so proud of you for staying positive and seeing the bright side of things. Happy 30th Birthday!!! How exciting! You look spectacular- really! I never look so good pregnant! And I'm totally digging your cake. It's totally you. You're right. :) I love you mucho and wish I lived closer so I could bring you dinner, too.

So here's a pretend, delicious meal... from me to you. Mmm... tasty, huh? :) Love ya.

MelissanWinslow said...

And you were gracious enough on your Birthday to take care of your totally emotional friend!!!! You were such a lift for me during an incredibly stressful time. Thanks a million!

Family of Five said...

You look SO GREAT!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of that baby boy!!! LOVED your birthday cake!!! Too cool! So glad you're still in the same ward and neighborhood. Nice. Just a phone call away anytime girl!! :0)