Friday, August 5, 2011

Its about TIME

I feel like I really did fall off the face of the earth!! So many many things have happened the last few months it has been CRAZY! So I will try to keep it short!! We started our summer off by going to visit some friends in San Diego, which is always a favorite for me! The weather was GORGEOUS, and we had such a fun time!! I havent laughed so hard in a really LONG time!! We were able to go to Sea World which was also a blast and the kids LOVED it! Then when we came home it was time for my birthday! Not just any birthday, my 30th!! Yes old haha but it was so fun! Willey and my friend Jessie put together a birthday dinner for me and it was just what I needed to start my 30's! Then off to a family reunion up in Pinetop at my Brothers and the fun could only last so long! After a few fun days with family I hurt my back, how? Stretching haha I bent forward to stretch it out and it locked up on me and I got stuck that way! So there began my long month to recovery. I couldn't move without lots of pain so to bed I went and thankfully I have amazing friends and family who helped me by taking the boys and bringing in dinner and keeping my house clean while I layed in bed trying to recover. During those few weeks I had a trip to the OB to calm down contractions and where I found I was severely dehydrated, but was able to get amazing sleep haha, then I had a reaction to the potassium they put in my IV so I had a nice swollen vein which ultimately resulted in another trip to the ER, and during all this time we found out that our home loan modification, which was supposed to be days away from being final, was declined and so we made a really hard decision to move. I LOVE our house but its just a house, what I was really sad about was leaving all of my amazing friends and neighbors so with lots of prayers and LOTS of tears on my part haha we actually were able to find a house to rent still in our neighborhood and we can get in before the baby comes!!So I have now been busy packing and getting ready to start a whole new chapter of our lives and we are excited! I am just so thankful for the gospel and for the temple we have here, its amazing how life can look so different after being in the house of the Lord. It has been seriously the craziest couple of months but I know everything happens for a reason and as long as I stay positive and keep my head up everything will be alright!!

Zack and Brooklyn in SD

My Amazing friend Jessie made this cake for me! She knows me so well!

Ok, had to throw this in, me at 33 weeks HUGE haha

We got to see the NEW Shamu show that opened the day we were at Sea World!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its What We Call Life..........

I seem to be going about once every few months posting haha, and its not like I don't have plenty to write but finding the time seems to be my issue. So I will make this one full and short (as I can)!! Our Easter was fun, we decorated eggs, and the Easter Bunny came and the Boys were SO excited for him to come, but we were also able to remind the boys the true meaning of Easter and what it really means to us, and Christ great example as our older brother just like they are going to ALL be examples of what it means to be an older brother!! Then shortly after Easter when things were nice and quiet which is strange in our house so I should've known something was about to happen! I got a phone call from Willey and it started with, Its really not a big deal but....., (the last time I got a call like that from him two hours later his boss had called me telling me I better get to the hospital, willey was going into surgery) so I was VERY suspicious of what was going on. Willey had been having some chest pains since he had left the house that morning for work about 5am, and finally at 9 he couldn't take it anymore. He ended up being taken by ambulance to the Morenci clinic and then sent home to see the cardiologist because the only thing that eased the pain was Nitro! So off to the cardiologist we went and they made him run on the treadmill and monitor everything, and it was fine, until he was resting from the run they picked something abnormal up. So more testing needed to be done. He was not able to go back to work because they hadn't finished all his testing!! So today we will get the results from that, but in between today and when it last happened we have loved having him home! We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and also went to Mesa to get away for a night and had a blast! We shopped (my favorite) ate at the Melting Pot, so YUMMY but so not wallet friendly! Then watched Thor (willey's favorite) then Saturday we were able to go get a 3d ultrasound done and I was on pins and needles!! When the lady first looked at the baby she was like OH its a GIRL!!! I was WAY overly excited and asked her to thouroughly check, and when she did, she quickly said oh Im sorry its a boy! Not that I am not grateful for the chance to raise another child and have this baby come into our lives, but being told its a girl was a little much for me! I cried for a while in the car but have recovered and its onto what I know: BOYS!!

Easter morning, the easter bunny was VERY generous!

My cute Willey at the Melting pot

Me at the melting pot!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time Flies when your in Bed

Im FINALLY feeling so much better. I really, really am hoping this is a girl because I don't remember feeling this way with the boys, or the fact that I really really want a girl!! I have the best friends and family who have helped me out and taken care of me and the boys while my body adjusted to the hormones!! The last month and a half has been a whirlwind and has just flown by, but I couldn't let it go by without blogging about some of our fun things that have gone on!! Our friends the Littles gave Willey and I some of their time-share points for Christmas, yes they are AWESOME, so we had it planned to just do a long weekend get-away long before I knew I was going to be pregnant, to Sedona. We would go on the pink Jeep tours, and hiking and rent quads, and it was going to be a blast!! Well plans changed and with me being dizzy and nauseous we changed our plans. We stopped at Walmart in Cottonwood and bought like 8 movies and a bunch of junk food, and some good for you food, and headed up to Sedona. Our room was gorgeous and it had been snowing so it was just beautiful up there. We stayed in pretty much the whole weekend and watched movies, played cards, talked and just had such a nice time re-connecting and spending some much needed quality time together. It was also this trip that I learned that me and Seafood this pregnancy do not mix, not even the smell of it haha! We got back and it was work and school and life as usual, but that trip seemed to be a turning point for me, I started having less and less dizzy days, and more energy!! I am happy that I am now in the second trimester, I made Willey take a picture of my because I felt HUGE, but was pleasantly surprised that I am not there quite yet haha.

13 weeks

Wishing this was real haha

Yes, Ive been working out, haha

Monday, February 14, 2011


Lots of changes for us in the Biggs house! Willey started a new job with FMI, which was a really scary thing for all of us cause he has worked for Empire almost the whole time we have been married, but it was the right choice for us. Then as you all know we have been trying for a while to have another baby, and no luck, so I had decided in December that I just was going to do the hcg diet one more time and lose the last 15 pounds, and it was coming of SO SLOW and I was always hungry and just couldnt figure out what the heck was going on! Well I started to have chest pains one night really severly, and it totally freaked me out, so off the the ER I went and they did an EKG and lots of blood work and they were getting ready to do an xray, and then the DR came in and said they couldn't do the xray because I was pregnant, well the hcg shot can show up in blood, so I didn't think anything about it. Well no period, and no period and lots of positive pregnancy tests, so I stopped the shots and waited about a week and went to have my blood work done again, and after a LONG 5 day wait they called and said "Congratulations your pregnant"! WHAT?? YAY!!! So we are having baby number 4 in September, and this will be all new for me going through a summer big pregnant, but we are SO excited and Really hoping for a girl!! But will still be so happy with another boy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ryans Birthday and Monster Truck Jam

Ryan celebrated his 5th birthday and it was SO much fun!! He wanted an airplane birthday and I was full of great ideas, but my grandfather passed away and I got sick, so a lot of my ideas had to just stay ideas haha. Now Im sure all of you know Ryan and the special kid he is. He is one of those that people say his spirit is just SO big that it has such a hard time being contained in that little body!! haha, He is my son that keeps me always on my toes and can make me fuming red mad to in the next instant laughing my head off. He just brings our family so much joy and I am forever grateful to heavenly father for sending that sweet big spirited boy to our home!

Jessie made this cake, she is AMAZING!

getting ready to fly thier airplanes
This kid loves bikes!



Willey has ALWAYS wanted to take the boys to the monster truck
jam, and this year I thought, why not! So he loaded them up in the
car and off they went. I hadn't been feeling well so I got a nice
quiet day at home. They came home Sunday morning with so
many exciting stories!! Zack even re-enacted how one of the
monster trucks did a flip and landed on its back, so cute! This
may just have to be a yearly tradition, but I am definitely going
next time!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying out New Presents

Willey got a pistol for Christmas and has been DYING to try it out, so we went out last week with the boy's and the Littles and tried it out. Im not that into shooting but of course someone had to take pictures right? haha. He had the boy's try to shoot his shotgun first and it kicked back on Josh's shoulder but not too bad, Ryan's was worse haha I felt bad he started to cry, so when it came to Zack's turn, he was already rubbing his shoulder and almost crying and he finally told Willey no he didn't want to shoot, his shoulder hurt, it was just so funny!! He must have been channeling josh and ryan's pain!! haha. Willey got out his pistol next and I did shoot that, we were aiming at bottles filled with water, and it was kind of fun but mostly scary for me!haha! Willey was just enjoying every minute! Jessi surprised me, she shot the pistol a few times and even hit the bottle!! Brandon brought his dirt bike and that was what the boy's loved the most!! I love living in a place where we can just drive 10 minutes, and be able to enjoy the beautiful desert!!

Ryan getting ready to shoot


Willey concentrating haha

Jessie's got a gun :)!

Zack took this picture! Love this gal!!!

Christmas and New Years Eve

We had such a fun Christmas and New Years Eve! We got to have our friends The Littles spend the night Christmas Eve and share Christmas morning with us and it was just SO much fun getting everything ready for Santa to come. Zack walked into our room Christmas morning and we asked him if Santa came and he looked at us very confused and said um, NO,. haha then we walked him into the living room and he ran to go wake up his brothers, so cute! The boys' got just what they wanted from Santa, and Willey had been working in Kayenta coal mine the week before, so he brought home HUGE chunks of coal. Ryan had been being so very naughty the couple weeks before and we kept telling him that Santa was going to bring him coal. So guess who got a couple of presents full of coal? haha. his face was priceless. Hopefully he will try to do better next year!  For New Years Eve we decided to have a sleep over at my parents. We always do mexican food for New Years eve and it was SO good this year!!! We made homemade taquitos, tacos and it was just really delicious!! We watched movies and talked and laughed and just had such a great time! the kids made it until about 10:30, and were out. This is the first year in a really long time that I made it to midnight haha!! It was a fun way to bring in the New Year!! I am excited for what this new year is going to bring!! We are already off to a great start and new changes in our lives!!

The boy's Christmas Eve in their new pjs

Santa was very nice this year!!

Ryan and one of his lumps of coal

Chilling with grandma new yeas eve